Are you feeling overwhelmed with puppy stuff?

Customized For You

Get all of the attention and support you need to help you raise a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted puppy.

Private puppy classes mean less stress and fewer distractions while you learn.

Calling Discerning Puppy People

If you are struggling with potty training or puppy-biting we’ll get you rolling so you feel relief now!

Next learn the skills needed to do the things you dream of doing together. From relaxing walks in the city to swimming and boating with your dog at the lake house!

Professionally Certified Dog Trainer

Private, customized coaching in Toronto and virtually. For puppies and adolescent dogs.

Science based, positive reinforcement methods will help you achieve results while having fun.


  • Practical solutions for real-life
  • Personal support between classes
  • Comprehensive support materials
  • Professionally CERTIFIED dog trainer
  • Always tailored just for you


Puppy Training Solutions Tailored Just For You

Puppy (under 15 weeks)

Get Relief from Your New Puppy Blues and The Support You Want Now!

These private puppy classes are for people who want to understand why puppies do what they do and how to set them up for a happy, healthy life!

Available in 4, 8 or 12 packs. Classes are 1 hour in length.

Avoid the overwhelm of unwanted puppy biting. Potty training plans that work. Simple games to build the connection and focus you want!

Get the best puppy socialization strategy for your individual pup –  and how to do it well!

Adolescent Dog (4 months to 3 years)

A Customized Course Designed for Your Goals and Challenges.

Available in 4, 8 or 12 packs. Classes are 1 hour in length.

The teenage stage! Full of peaks and valleys! In this phase of puppy development it is not uncommon to see some of your great early training go south. Your pup won’t come when you call her or lie down when you ask. She may act scared about things she was previously comfortable with. Don’t despair; there are ways to handle this turbulent stage of a dog’s development.

Pre-Puppy Consultation

Get Ready Before you Get your Puppy!

90 minute, virtual class – For folks who are planning on bringing a pup home. Don’t wait to start learning!

This 90 minute, virtual pre-puppy-prep class will get you prepared both mentally and practically.

Come away feeling confident about the trip home, the first night and the first few days together.

Also included is access to our puppy planning webinar and tons of great support material!

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Working with Sydney was the best thing that we could have ever done! From the moment we met her we knew we were in good hands. She made everything so easy! Her lessons were fun for us and our sweet little Pete!

We actually did group training elsewhere but found the one on one training with Sydney much more effective. She would customize each lesson to what we really needed to focus on for Pete.


Sydney understands dogs and what makes them tick. Her training methods, guidance and support helped us foster a stronger relationship with our puppy – getting us off to a good start while maintaining our sanity.


And Sophie

The private sessions I had soon after Sophie arrived at 13 weeks were so helpful, as was the shopping trip we took together before i brought her home. She still plays with some of those toys. Sydney’s sense of playfulness combined with her knowledge of normal development in puppies not only taught me how to work with Sophie, but were also quite therapeutic for me, since I was a bit overwhelmed in the first few weeks.