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• Puppy socialization

• Preventing problem dog behaviors

• Crate training

• Puppy biting and nipping solutions

• Puppy potty training plans

• Basic puppy foundation behavior training

• Puppy skills in the house

• Front door skills

• Games for your new puppy

• An introduction to clicker training


"Signing up for freshpuppy classes with Sydney was the best decision we could have made for both us and our puppy!" Alicia Cornejo
Perfect Puppy Foundations
Tuition includes access to the You're Lucky You're Cute webinar and ebook. A digital version of the Ultimate Puppy Planner/Journal. Comprehensive support material and support between classes. You are set up for success! 
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"Syd’s training and the guidance have been so helpful as we’ve navigated through the first few months with our puppy. " Laura McLaren

Tuition includes access to the You’re Lucky You’re Cute webinar and ebook. A digital version of the Ultimate Puppy Planner/Journal. Comprehensive support material and access to me between classes. You are set up for success.

Coaching is tailored for individual teams with a focus on fun, accessibility, and real-life solutions.

In addition to potty training, naps, and puppy biting solutions, in Puppy Level 1 there is a strong emphasis on early puppy socialization, which simply put is exposure to all the pup will have to navigate over the course of life, this includes different people, sights, sounds, and situations paired with something the pup loves, like treats, to create a positive association with all the encounters. You will learn how to interpret your pup’s body language and how to respond if your puppy appears uncomfortable. There is also a focus on preventative training, taught with games, which help prevent problem puppy behaviors from developing. Behaviors like guarding, not being comfortable being handled (grooming, bathing, having gear put on), or being left alone, to name a few.

Socialization of a new puppy is a time-sensitive matter. Once the pup pushes past 14 to 16 weeks the window of opportunity to do this early socialization has closed. What happens in the weeks before you get your pup and the early weeks that you have him at home is key. Dogs that miss out on this early exposure are at high risk of developing problems later in life. There are safe ways to socialize a puppy that is not fully vaccinated. The risks of failing to do early socialization far outweigh any risk you take doing it. Please note that when I talk about socialization here, I am not talking about going into heavily dog-populated areas and meeting other dogs.

Subsequent Levels – Each level offers new skills, goals, and games for you and your puppy and are taken in consecutive order. You come away with a strong understanding of socialization, prevention, and canine enrichment and how to implement these strategies. In addition, you will learn how to teach your puppy foundation skills that we then refine into useful life skills like navigating life out and about in the city, relaxing in the house, front door know-how, kitchen and meal time know-how, and plenty of other fun!

Puppy Socialization – What is it?

Did you know that a new puppy needs to be made familiar and comfortable with her environment before she is 16 weeks old? This means she needs to have a lot of early positive encounters with the people and experiences she will have to navigate over the course of her life: busy intersections, big trucks, people riding bicycles, joggers, noisy construction workers, and clanking streetcars, to name a few examples.

In this course, you will learn how to make this happen. You’ll learn the finer points of socializing your new puppy. You’ll find out why it’s so important, how it impacts your dog’s future and your dog’s health, and how to do it safely! You’ll also learn how to interpret your pup’s body language and learn what they are saying!

Problem Behavior is often Preventable

In addition, we’ll focus on predictable problem prevention, what a dog needs to thrive, and fun foundation behaviors that you will refine into important life skills.



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