Pre-Puppy Class Consultation

Do you know what to expect? Preparation is key! In this pre-puppy consultation I’ll answer whatever questions you have about bringing home your new puppy. This consultation helps you prepare both mentally and practically for your new pup. We will cover common questions such as:

What puppy supplies do I need?

We will go over a list of worthwhile toys and supplies to get organized before you bring the new puppy home. All too often first-time puppy parents buy too much stuff that they don’t end up using or that the pup doesn’t like. A little early guidance about the essentials is most helpful.

The shopping trip we took together before I brought Sophie home was so helpful. She still plays with some of those toys.

Ros and Sophie

What will I need for the car ride home?

We will discuss how to make your trip home with the puppy as comfortable as possible.

Where do we put the crate?

We’ll go over best practices here, and get a lay of the land for your puppy’s new home.

When and how do I start house training?

We’ll discuss how to properly house train your pup from day 1.

What will the first night be like?

Sometimes we just want to be ready, when we’re in new territory with our pups.

What questions do I ask a breeder?

We will discuss the very important but sometimes not so obvious role the breeder plays with your new pup, whether you have picked a breeder and a puppy and are waiting for the pup to come home or you are looking for a breeder.


I also offer discussions and resources about puppy nutrition, finding a vet, puppy vaccinations, and daily puppy visits by a walker.

Pre-Puppy Class Consultation

Always Be Prepared! Call me before you get your new pup
$190.00+ HST(90 min)

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