5 Week Private Course

a puppy pre school

There is a “golden window” of opportunity in which to start training. Birth to 16 weeks is the optimum time. After that window of opportunity closes, it becomes more difficult to teach and/or correct behaviors. The FP course is designed specifically for puppies between 8 and 15 weeks of age. The class runs for five weeks and covers the following areas.

socialize – create a comfort level for your puppy within the urban environment.

prevent – proof your puppy against predictable problems.

games – fun and therapeutic play for your dog.

junior obedience – coaching the basics like sit, down and come.

house training – teaching puppy to eliminate in the appropriate area.

Single Session

A single session that focuses on one particular issue such as house training, crate training, barking or biting.

Support Material

You receive the following award winning Ultimate Puppy products co-created by Sydney Bleicher:

Ultimate Puppy Toolkit
Ultimate Puppy Magnets
Ultimate Puppy Bytes

Plus the famous FP field trip and free phone/email support between classes.

Classes and Cost

For class start-up times and pricing please contact us at:
(416) 939-2853