Puppy Reset

Course covers:

• Coming when called

• Leash walking

• Jumping up

• Front door etiquette

• Barking

• House skills

• Life Skills

What is happening? Why does my dog seem so different? Don’t despair! Your pup is going through her adolescent phase with all the usual ups and downs. It is normal! It too shall pass!

Your patience and continued education are key. Learn how to navigate this stage with one-on-one training designed specifically for you.

A variety of topics are covered based on the individual needs of the student and dog.

Puppy Reset

This is for pups 16 weeks and beyond
A custom blend of foundation work mixed with what you want to work on.

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Sydney had just expanded her practice to include dogs older than puppies, and I was ecstatic. Fresh Puppy’s 4-week program focuses on relationship-building, communication, and offers really successful strategies for working with slightly older dogs.

Sandra B
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