Perfect Puppy Foundations 

Everything You Need to Know about Your Puppy and More (For puppies 15 weeks and under.)
Puppy Level 1
$480.00+ HST4 week course
(includes a 30 minute online prep class to be viewed prior to our first class.)
Puppy Level 2
$460.00+ HST4 week course
Puppy Level 3
$460.00+ HST4 week course

Did you know that a new puppy needs to be made familiar and comfortable with her environment before she is 16 weeks old? This means she needs to have a lot of early positive encounters with the people and experiences she will have to navigate over the course of her life: busy intersections, big trucks, people riding bicycles, joggers, noisy construction workers, and clanking streetcars, to name a few examples.

In this course, you will learn how to make this happen. You’ll learn the finer points of socializing your new puppy. You’ll find out why it’s so important, how it impacts your dog’s future and your dog’s health, and how to do it safely!

Three Puppy Levels are available, at 4 weeks each. Each level offers new challenges and exercises for your puppy and must be taken in consecutive order.

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Puppy Reset 

This is for pups 16 weeks and beyond
A custom blend of foundation work mixed with what you want to work on.
$560+HST 4 week course

The teenage stage! Full of peaks and valleys! In this phase of puppy development it is not uncommon to see some of your great early training go south. Your pup won’t come when you call her or lie down when you ask. She may act scared about things she was previously comfortable with. Don’t despair; there are ways to handle this turbulent stage of a dog’s development.

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Syd calmed us with her coaching and immediate wins, and calmed Oscar, the CRAZY puppy, with her reassuring demeanour and grace under fire.

C & L

Pre-Puppy Class Consultation 

Always be prepared! Call me before you get your new pup
$190.00+ HST(90 min)

On the phone or via Zoom, this consultation helps you prepare for your new puppy, or answers questions if you have just started to consider getting a new puppy.

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It was so fun having Sydney come to our house and do the training not only because she helped us get our dog to behave well but because she really showed me the joy of how to play with a dog.

Free Introductory 15 Minute Consultation 

Do you have questions? Contact Syd to request a free chat

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